Cooking 2020

Konstfack University - 2016

About the project

Cooking 2020 is a food game  allowing the family to construct a meal together. The goal is to emphasize on the creative part of what happens before cooking, and raise food awareness among children. 

Methodology & Outcomes

The social aspect of food and the cooking experience is what I  investigated.
I designed an emotional toolkit for my food-citizens and experts, to trigger emotions. Discussing around a near-future scenario was my touchpoint. Alongside that, I facilitated numerous workshops for children. From there, I have gathered valuable insights: it was the starting point of the conception part. 

This project had an iterative process involving the collaboration of the stakeholders during the design phase. During the co-creation workshops, the stakeholders and I were trying different interactions for a game. For each stage of the development, I user-tested the prototypes through different scenarios with participants. I refined my artefact along with those usability test sessions, from the very beginning of the project to the very end.