Nordicomm - 2016

About the project

The Finnish startup Nordicomm has for mission to enhance the reader’s skills. We created a digital product that would assist the user in developing a reading habit.

Methodology & Outcomes

I focused on bringing this Human-Centred approach to the team. I did the research planning, delegated research tasks, made sure the user’s voice was well present with tools such as Personas and User-Journeys. This allowed us to find pain points and design opportunities for a new service. I iterated prototypes out following agile practices to validate and refine the concept. Ultimately, I created design guidelines and the visuals of it. As I assigned research tasks to the local team, I made sure we met weekly to share each of our insights during brainstorming sessions. Organizational tools such as Trello and Slack were used to nurture a collective knowledge with the remote team.