In partenariat with the Haukilahti High School in Espoo, Finland and Aalto University.
Teamwork: with Eeva Jokinen. Worked closely with Jukka Itala.
Duration: 6 months (building the course), 1 month and a half (the actual tutoring).

Pilot course. The course was built as an introduction about design for high schoolers, 48 hours course length. It was held in both English and Finnish (phenomenon-based learning).

The goal
Our aim was to introduce Design Thinking to the students in a holistic way, while providing them a wide scope of design; in other words not focusing on one type of design (ie. product design, service design,...).

Our process
Each pair of us (3 in total) designed one of the 3 phases of design; 1. Research,
2. Ideation, and 3. Delivering.
In order to nurture their imagination and provide some background before each workshop day, my teammate Eeva and I gave short design lectures related to the following session.

The students' brief was to design the identity of their high school.

Overview planning per day:
Day 1. Observation (research)
Day 2. Lecture day, given by the mayor and designers. (research)
Day 3. From observations to insights (research)
Day 4. From insights to possibilities (1/3) (ideation)
Day 5. From insights to possibilities (2/3) (ideation)
Day 6. From insights to possibilities (3/3) (ideation)
Day 7. Moodboard (ideation)
Day 8. /
Day 9. Ideating, creating, making (delivering)
Day 10. Putting everything together (delivering)
Day 11. Presentation reherseal (delivering)
Day 12. Final presentation to all the other involved students and professors.