The Spectacle of Space

Thesis Project - 2019

About the project

The current vision of the territory of Space is a novelty but also an extension of the way the developed world is consuming. This project explores a new system Scotland as a ‘nationalized Space country’ - could provide.

Methodology & Outcomes

I have developed and used the 5 i’s approach (investigate - inform - imagine - interact, to induce). It is an iterative methodology that helps to structure and to deliver futures-focused projects. Using this approach, I explored how and what services of this system could be with the participants.
The project resulted in the development of profiles, their scenarios, and the prototype of the main touchpoints of this new system.
I designed probes that facilitated the activity of imagining a new system around Space tourism. For each touchpoint, I have been engaging with participants: testing out artefacts of that future, or collaborating on a vision to refine designed service or experience.