Trend Forecasting in AI 

Design Research, Design Strategy.

In order to provide relevant counselling, the Korean Design Agency Right Brain aims at perceiving trends happening in the AI and tech scenery. This knowledge is then applied when working together with the client.

Tools & Methods used Focus Group Discussion; Explorative Workshop; Desk Research; Card Sorting; Clustering.

Understanding the Current Scene
We kickstarted with an in-depth desk research on what has been happening in the past six months. Products, services and tech were then clustered to see the emergence of trends. Following that we extracted  megatrends and insights.

Leveraging Knowledge
We compiled those megatrends and insights into a trend report that was for both public and industrial use.
This knowledge was then applied when working with two of the most renowned electronics companies in Korea. For example, we gave design principles in what could be a new IoT, we created a typology of robot personalities depending on the function intended and the user’s attitude.

What I Did
My responsibilities lied in the findings of trends, and the analysis of trends into megatrends.
I looked at popular projects from crowdfunding platforms and recent articles of design and tech magazines. I also examined novel tech products from multinationals, as well as providing field research in Japan.
The cluster and the classification of trends led to the creation of megatrends.

I structured and narrated a few megatrends, how they would soon impact the society, and possible subsequent evolution of these megatrends.

When providing consultancy or workshops, my role was to conduct the research sessions.
As I was aware of the data scenery and the possibilities of AI, I was in a good position for designing together with the client and providing accurate user research activities.